29 Mar 2016 Fixed Income Perspectives – ‘The Big Dance’

As the (U.S.) 2015–16 college basketball season approaches its climax on the court, developed market central banks have engaged in a bit of March Madness of their own, turning to new pages of their monetary policy playbooks as they struggle to bolster economic growth, inflation and labour productivity.
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03 Feb 2016 White Paper – 2016 Long-Term Capital Market Forecasts

Cyclically sensitive assets like equities and the riskiest credit instruments are likely to provide risk-adjusted returns superior to those of most fixed income assets, particularly government bonds, over the ten-year horizon, though the relative attractiveness is becoming more balanced than it was a year ago.
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15 Jan 2016 Voya Senior Loan Group – 2015 Market Recap and 2016 Outlook

2015 Market Recap and 2016 Outlook  - Despite solid performance in the first half of the year, the loan market’s total return fell short of initial expectations, as volatility across broad capital markets weighed on loan prices beginning in late summer and continuing through the end of the year.
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