07 Aug 2017 Market Insight – The U.S. Housing Trade is Far from Over

The U.S. housing market still has meaningful upside. In fact, from several perspectives, we are still in the recovery phase. Against a robust economic backdrop, Voya believes securitised credit is a compelling way for investors to diversify a broader credit portfolio—yet the potential benefits of the asset class remain broadly misunderstood. 
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25 Jun 2017 White Paper – Commercial Mortgage Loans

Long a pillar of insurance company portfolios, commercial mortgage "whole loans" are less  well understood outside the insurance industry. Amongst other characteristics, commercial mortgage loans have historically offered attractive and stable income, efficient diversification, yield protection and favourable risk-based capital treatment.  Commercial mortgage loans have produced returns similar to CMBS, with less than half the risk, and have tended to show lower correlations with other asset classes, including stocks and bonds.
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